Adele White

Breeding Manager

Adele grew up in Hawke’s Bay, she has been with NZPH for 20 years, becoming Breeding Manager of NZPH in 2014.  She is one of the leading practitioners of artificial insemination of horses in New Zealand, typically inseminating 35-40 mares each year and achieving a 75-80% success rate.  Adele has experience working in a breeding barn in Virginia, USA where she returns annually to work their season and keep up to date with international trends and developments in her field. Adele has her own business A1 Reproduction Services and AI’.s outside mares


David Kirk

David is one of the founding partners of NZPH. Although based in Sydney, David has strong tries with Hawkes Bay. He played polo for Wanstead in the early 90’s and spent his Summers in Central Hawkes Bay.


Brigit Kirk

Brigit is a co owner of NZPH with husband David. Brigit grew up on a farm in Porangahau , Hawkes Bay and is instrumental behind the scenes in the day to day function of NZPH.